Goods Lifts

Our goods lift have high quality control system, classical and reliable driving system, gate drive structure of high performance and car design of high strength so that the elevator operates in a reliable manner in factory working conditions. Our goods lifts offer superior performance, reliable operation, durability at a reasonable price. Our goods lift meet all kinds of applications of carrying goods and adapt to different building structures and are widely used in factories, production lines, warehouses, shopping centres, exhibition halls and other similar logistic applications.

  • Mechanical and electrical interlocks on gates of each floor.
  • Power/ gravity safety limit switches provided to avoid any accident during failure of control circuit.
  • Double wire system
  • Top and bottom power cut limit switch.
  • Overload relay.
  • Gate limit switches
  • Emergency off on each floor
  • Electromagnetic fail safe brakes
  • Manual operation arrangement in case of failure in auto controls
  • Sturdy interiors